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What is Kaymu?

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Kaymu is Ethiopia’s leading online marketplace where buyers meet sellers to make amazing deals. Everything from women’s dresses, bags for men, electronics, gaming consoles, wedding rings, men’s t-shirts, laptops, home decor and more are available at the best prices on our online marketplace. At Kaymu, we are continuously striving to provide the best online shopping experience for all our esteemed customers. When you make Kaymu Ethiopia your preferred shopping destination, you will get nearly all our products at very low prices. Discover cheap watches for men, women’s jewelry, mobile phones, kitchen appliances, and more when you browse through our exhaustive list of premium quality products. Enjoy the benefits of portability when you download our user friendly mobile shopping app which makes shopping online a lot easier and convenient. Buy now!

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How to buy online?

Simply register online today at Kaymu and start shopping products from all brands at affordable prices. Kaymu delivers to your doorstep no matter where in Ethiopia so that you can buy dresses, shoes, mobiles, laptops etc without worrying about carrying all those bags home. Kaymu makes your life easier by giving you the option to pay by cash upon delivery. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to stay on top of best deals and promotions.

How to sell online?

With no upfront costs, you can make huge profits from selling clothes, scanners, phone accessories and more online when you sell on Kaymu. However, you will need to be registered as a seller and your seller account has to be verified after which you can start setting up your store with your choice of products. Leverage our wide customer base to gain considerable visibility and market expansion. Start making huge profits from today as a seller on Ethiopia's biggest online marketplace. However, be sure to list high quality products as thousands of buyers are waiting to explore them.